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Hyundai SmartCharge Battery Charger For Venue 000AM452034-V

Hyundai SmartCharge Battery Charger For Venue 000AM452034-V

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Introducing the SmartCharge Battery Charger Kit! This kit includes everything you need to install the premium battery charging system.

This advanced charger is designed to preserve your battery and can remain connected permanently, featuring temperature-compensated charging for optimal performance in all conditions. The LED indicator displays charging and quick charging modes. The charger automatically switches to full power mode (quick charging) if the battery voltage drops below 13V during trickle charging.

Safety is ensured with short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection, facilitated by the included fuse. The 120V recognition feature prevents unnecessary relay activation, protecting the battery from discharge when not in use. Additionally, relay-controlled outputs allow connection to the Premium Block Heater and interior WarmUp kit.

Package includes: Battery charger module, charger module wiring harness, cord set, cable bag and flashlight

Compatible with the following Hyundai vehicles:

- Elantra (except 1.6T), Veloster \u2013 2020+
- Elantra N, Veloster N \u2013 2020+
- Kona (except 1.6T), Kona N \u2013 2022+
- Palisade \u2013 2020+
- Santa Cruz \u2013 2022+
- Santa Fe \u2013 2020+
- Tucson \u2013 2020+
- Venue \u2013 2020+

With additional mounting bracket 000AM-18979:

- Accent \u2013 2020+
- Elantra 1.6T \u2013 2020+
- Sonata \u2013 2020+

With additional mounting bracket 000AM-18980:

- Kona 1.6T \u2013 2020+
- Kona 2.0L \u2013 2020-21
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