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Hyundai Premium Block Heater Element - Venue 2020+ 000AM410802-V

Hyundai Premium Block Heater Element - Venue 2020+ 000AM410802-V

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Stay extra warm this winter with Hyundai's Premium Block Heater Kit! The premium block warmer kit has been refined with higher quality materials and improved aesthetics while also providing better ease-of-use; featuring a hidden, grill mounted plug with a self-closing door to protect it from outside elements.

Designed to keep your Hyundai Venue's engine at an optimal temperature, our heater ensures easy starts, reduces wear on your engine, and warms up your cabin faster. Easy to install and reliable, the Kia Premium Block Heater is a must-have for cold weather climates, providing quick and convenient warmth for yourself and the vehicle's engine.

Requires Premium Block Heater Cord Set (000AM463913) to complete kit.

Compatible with all 2020-2024 Hyundai Venue (Essential, Preferred, Trend, & Ultimate Trim)

Can't find your vehicle? Hyundai offers block heaters for almost all Hyundai models, contact us to get your quote! Either in the chat box or
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