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Hyundai Interior WarmUp System - Venue 2020+ 000AM472010-V

Hyundai Interior WarmUp System - Venue 2020+ 000AM472010-V

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Say goodbye to chilly mornings with the Hyundai DEFA Interior WarmUp Kit!

Start your day in comfort with a pre-heated vehicle cabin! The interior heater ensures that you stay warm when getting into your Venue. The interior heater also ensures that your windows are frost-free and makes clearing snow a breeze! The interior heater also features a programmable timer to streamline your routine!

Can be installed at home with basic mechanical knowledge, kit includes installation instructions. Built-in safety features guarantee reliable operation without compromising your vehicle's safety. Kit includes battery charger to ensure consistent starts and operation of the WarmUp system.

Conquer winter with confidence \u2013 order your DEFA WarmUp Kit today and embrace the warmth you deserve! Produced by DEFA for Hyundai vehicles.

The DEFA WarmUp Kit includes:
- MiniPlug & Cord set (main power supply)
- Battery charger with wiring harness
- Futura timer and wiring
-Termini 1200W interior cabin heater

This kit is compatible with all 2020-2024 Hyundai Venue (Essential, Preferred, Trend, Ultimate)
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