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Hyundai Foldable Trunk Organizer - Kona 99123ADX00-K

Hyundai Foldable Trunk Organizer - Kona 99123ADX00-K

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Hyundai's Foldable Trunk Organizer: A versatile cargo organizer designed for utility.

Easy in, Easy out: You can fold it up and take it in to the grocery store, then put it in your grocery basket so you don't have to bother with those plastic bags. This thing folds up real easy, just lift it out of your grocery basket with the groceries in the organizer and put it in your trunk.

Also great for securing items in your trunk, therefore stopping them from rolling around and potential scuffing your interior or damaging your cargo. Features a divider to further organize all your loose items.

Compatible with all Hyundai Models
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