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Hyundai Cross Bars - 2024 Santa Fe R6H21AP000

Hyundai Cross Bars - 2024 Santa Fe R6H21AP000

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Introducing Hyundai's genuine Cross Rails for the all-new Santa Fe, designed to elevate your adventures. Also referred to as Cross Bars or Roof Racks, the Cross Rails serve as a base for a range of roof-mounted accessories; including ski and snowboard holders, bike carriers, kayak mounts, and roof boxes. Effortlessly attach these accessories to expand your vehicle's versatility and transport gear securely; Cross rails feature a locking mechanism to keep your accessories safe.

Crafted specifically for 2024 Santa Fe, these OEM Cross Rails ensure a perfect fit and easy installation. Prepare for any excursion and maximize your Hyundai's utility with cross rails and a variety of accessory options.

Compatible with all 2024+ Hyundai Santa Fe (XRT, Luxury, Calligraphy, Preferred Hybrid HEV, Trend Hybrid HEV, NHL Edition)

Please note that the displayed photo is for reference purposes only and may not directly represent the product. Upon purchase, you will receive the appropriate part designed for your vehicle. Photo: 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Cross Rails
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